My love of lettering revolves around painted letters. Each letter you see in my designs has been hand-painted in gouache using a fine watercolour brush.

The Shipping Forecast  Relied upon by sailors and beloved by radio listeners, the quintessentially British Shipping Forecast with its gentle poetry and reassuring rhythm inspired my latest designs.

I’ve featured the 31 different sea areas around the British Isles and some of the wind, sea state, weather and visibility terms transmitted by the BBC every day.

Chalkpit and Nightingale  My love of maps and fresh air led me to celebrate not only glorious locations within the South Downs but inspiring names.

Walkers who, like me, enjoy getting lost in the Downs will know the Trundle or the ancient yew forest of Kingley Vale. But these designs also pay homage to lesser known nooks and crannies like Piglegged Row, Halfmoon Piece and Lostlabour Copse.